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This is How They Take Your Guns

Saturday, April 28, 2007

If you're wondering what the liberal mindset is on how to strip guns from the populace, just have a quick read of Dan Simpson's article "The disarming of America" and be afraid, very afraid. From the article:
When people talk about doing something about guns in America, it often comes down to this: "How could America disarm even if it wanted to? There are so many guns out there."
Now, how would one disarm the American population? First of all, federal or state laws would need to make it a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine and one year in prison per weapon to possess a firearm. The population would then be given three months to turn in their guns, without penalty.
The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty. Special squads of police would be formed and trained to carry out the work. Then, on a random basis to permit no advance warning, city blocks and stretches of suburban and rural areas would be cordoned off and searches carried out in every business, dwelling, and empty building. All firearms would be seized. The owners of weapons found in the searches would be prosecuted: $1,000 and one year in prison for each firearm.

Clearly, since such sweeps could not take place all across the country at the same time. But fairly quickly there would begin to be gun-swept, gun-free areas where there should be no firearms. If there were, those carrying them would be subject to quick confiscation and prosecution. On the streets it would be a question of stop-and-search of anyone, even grandma with her walker, with the same penalties for "carrying."

Perhaps the disturbing aspect of this article is that many liberals think this would work. I'd like to think that the article is just sick satire, but this is the same guy that compared the NSA to the East German Stasi. And he spends a lot of words in the article telling us how he has owned guns -- why if it's a "Modest Proposal" type article? (Update: Iowahawk has a great parody).

Never mind the 2nd Amendment (they're going to repeal that), they'll gladly bypass protections against search and seizure while they're at it. Pretty much any protection for citizens to be safe in their homes would be gone. (I wonder if it would be okay with the liberals if the cops hauled in people they found with drugs during these searches?) Simpson has shown us that there's a little dictator hiding inside every gun grabber that knows what's best for all of us, and doesn't care who or what they have to trample to get their way.

Hot Air talks about this quite a bit too, but nobody sees the catastrophe that I envision. Read on.

Even if they could repeal the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, very few states would repeal their own versions of the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are worded even more strongly than the federal one. Even for states that have been notorious gun grabbers (Illinois, anyone?), individual counties are starting to backlash. Armed and Safe has been following the actions of Pike and Brown Counties who have passed "sanctuary" laws aimed at the gun grabbers from the big city.

Does anyone think that the Republic of Texas would put up with this? Or New Mexico? Tell the residents of Kennesaw, Georgia (Gun Town, USA) who passed an ordinance requiring all heads of household to own a firearm with ammunition that you're going to take away their guns. How about the cops? Would they participate willingly in these house-to-house searches? It's an old study, but a 1997 study asked the question "If a law were passed making it illegal for civilians to possess any type of firearm, would you participate in dynamic entry, house to house searches to seize them if so ordered by a superior?" 53% answered Yes and 47% answered No. That same survey got a 71% affirmative answer to the statement "The United States Bill of Rights contains a list of priveledges granted by the government to the people", so obviously most cops aren't constitutional scholars, but it's hard to believe that outside of the GFW areas in the Big City Northeast and the West Coast that they could find enough cops to conduct the searches.

When it came down to it, many areas would decide the line had been crossed. I can see the Texas National Guard being used to interdict the federal gun confiscation teams. Or a southern governor, flanked by 100s of State Troopers, standing in front of the FBI suburbans. If it went beyond that, smaller towns would actively resist. Cordoning off a neighborhood wouldn't be that easy -- it would turn into house-to-house fighting in many areas. At some point the line has been crossed and it's your patriotic duty to resist. I think this might do it for me.

But what if they could pull it off? The next day after a sweep went through a neighborhood, the local gang bangers would be going house-to-house. With no armed resistance and the cops well occupied elsewhere, it would be quite the mess.

The only way anything like this could have a chance of happening would be in a national, Katrina style emergency (where some cops decided they could confiscate guns -- if you haven't watched that video, stop right now and watch it.). Think nuclear or biological attacks, or loss of the power grid. But in that type of event, gun owners would be even less likely to give up their means of defending themselves, and the authorities would have many other priorities.

Nope, no way, it won't happen. At least not until I'm out of ammo.


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