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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I personally loved the cheapo airlines when I lived in the UK. But people are funny:

I was sitting on a Ryanair flight from Berlin to Dublin this morning. As you may or may not be aware, Ryanair is an airline that slaps wings on disused porn theaters and sends them up into the skies. 25% of Ryanair passengers fly for free: the rest pay very low fares, as little as 99 cents each way.

How do they make their money? They charge for everything. Refreshments. Checked baggage. There's rumblings of branching into in-air gambling. Today's anecdote is probably the rumbling of that distant thunder. Today, as I was sitting on the plane, I was amazed to hear the stewardess mention that everyone who bought refreshments or concessions off the cart would be entered into a raffle to win a free Ryanair return ticket. It was 9am, so I bought a beer.

And wouldn't you know it? They called my number. I felt like Charlie Bucket for a brief second, until I realized that, instead of a ticket to a surreal chocolate factory, I'd won yet another uncomfortable flight in a shrieking metal belly filled with verflowing toilets and wailing infants, retail value: 99 cents.

So, to net it out, the guy is peeved because he can take a RyanAir flight, with no frills to be sure, for $10 when BA would cost him $300. Or a train, which would take +6 hours more and still cost $100.

Then he's annoyed because, like all lottery tickets, he paid more than the probable current value for the ticket.

Things that make you go: hhhhmmmmm.


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