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Find The Boots

Rantings from a few corporate types about life, technology, travel, guns, politics, and everything good in the world.

More Cool Stuff from Promote-My-Site

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I admit it, I am stuck in my ways. Well, I love gizmos, but I don't enjoy learning new software applications anymore. Darn whippersnappers! Where did I leave my glasses?

Anyway, one of the guys at Promote-My-Site recently sent me a link to his public bookmarks page at myHQ. He said that I'd like this site because it could have been written back in the FidoNet days.

Well, actually, yeah, it could have. Razor sharp UI - all that was missing was a Lotus 123 backslash! Seriously, if you could have imagined dialing up into a BBS to get, I guess, a list of your BBS logins, then this would have been the UI'd you'd use.

Which sounds stupid, obviously. But you know what I mean. Check out MyHQ - totally useful and old skool.


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More From Our Friends at Promote-My-Site

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ok, I can tell when startup guys are getting giddy - jokes, links, anything that helps them do the avoiding work thing. Except when it's your own money you tend to focus eventually.

So they sent me some funny stuff about a site I'd never heard of, ClaimId. Seems they've created a page in there to kind of blog about their Promote-My-Site company blog. Meta piffle, I says. I can't even quite figure out what ClaimId is supposed to do, frankly. But I'm an old fashioned blogger. :-)

Anyway, one of the stories over there, Google Hates Me, was damn funny, so give it a read. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom. I won't spoil the story for you.


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New Social Networking Tool

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some friends-of-find-the-boots have asked us to alpha test their new social networking tool. They call their company Promote-My-Site because that is what it helps you do.

And at FTB we're all about shameless SEO self promotion! If you think the future of traffic generation is in social network manipulation, then these guys will shortly release a tool you'll love.

Plus they have some smoking good blog posting going on. (Dudes, it is ugly as inbred wedding pictures over there, m'kay?)

My favorite post so far is Extend your Runway. There are some wise thoughts about time and project management. Good stuff, well worth a read.

Oh, and what does their tool do? I can't tell, because they have more guns than I do, but I will tell you that it is saving me around an hour a day in my efforts to promote our other sites.

Hot stuff over there in social network tools land!


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Not on my street

My state has the fastest growing Hispanic population after TX and CA - and estimates are that it is around 40% illegal. My guess is that this is a low guess.

From Michelle Michelle today, and article in the Miami Herald:
The rapid escalation of the U.S. anti-immigration hysteria — fueled by ratings-hungry cable-television hotheads and leading Republican presidential hopefuls — is a dangerous trend: It may lead to a Hispanic intifada that may rock this nation in the not-so-distant future.

Remember the Palestinian intifada of the early 1990s, when thousands of frustrated young Palestinians took to the streets and threw stones at Israeli troops? Remember the French intifada of the summer of 2005, in which disenfranchised Muslim youths burned cars and stores in the suburbs of Paris?

If we are not careful, we may see something similar coming from the estimated 13 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, most of them Hispanic, who are increasingly vilified in the media, forced further into the underground by spineless politicians and not given any chance to legalize their status by a pusillanimous U.S. Congress.
Yeah, Vaquero, I'll tell you the difference.....

I have several thousand rounds of .308 - you come down my street with your "La Rasa" posters trying to burn cars and loot and you'd better be moving like the Japanese taking Singapore.

Also a good lesson for the Mexican gubbmit.

My country, not yours. Go home if you're not here legally.


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