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Find The Boots

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It's Biden!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Barry has picked the Gaffomatic as his running mate.  The blogosphere is swarming with the news.  But did you know:

  • Biden has sent an Amazon gift certificate to Putin as a thank you.
  • Biden won't be on the Sunday talk shows because he'll be busily pouring over transcripts of Kinnock's speeches to prepare for his big speech at the Democratic Convention.  His speech will include an entire paragraph about the benefits of coal.
  • Biden spent most of Friday looking for the best price on gas for that giant SUV the media had pictures of him delivering coffee from.  Since he's going to be out on the campaign trail, he's loaning it to Al Gore so that he can move his boat.
  • Biden has sent a gift certificate from Bath and Body Works to Obama as a thank you, with a note saying "It's so nice to be running with someone so clean and articulate."
  • A key element in their negotiations was that when they're eating at the Senate cafeteria, Barry still has to sit at the junior senator's table, while Joe gets to sit with the adults.
  • Hillary has deleted Joe from her Christmas card list.
  • Instead of champagne, they'll be toasting the VP selection at the convention with Kool-Aid.
  • John Edwards offered Joe his congratulations and the name of his hair dresser, but Joe politely declined.
  • When asked about the potential for Biden to keep making gaffes, Obama wasn't aware of his history.  With a rhetorical flourish, he asked reporters "Why would I care if he keeps giraffes?"
  • Obama was later shocked to find out that Delaware has only 3 electoral votes.  


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