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Russia Obviously Does Not Have Civilian Control of Its Military

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why isn't anyone talking about this when the evidence is so obvious?
  • Putin was visibly shocked at the Olympics when he heard the news of the invasion of Georgia. While the invasion had obviously been planned for quite some time, why send te Czaar out of the country and then have him come right back?  Answer: The civilian leadership didn't know the generals were going to pull the trigger on the invasion.
  • The Russians can't seem to get a deadline together.  Why would the president keep giving the international community deadlines by which Russia will withdraw and then go back on them repeatedly?  Even the Russians must understand that they look foolish.  Unless of course, the President isn't really calling the shots.
  • A Russian general warns the Poles that they may be the target of a nuclear attack?  Since when do generals make these kinds of statements?  Shouldn't that sort of message be delivered by diplomats?  Unless of course, it's the military now calling the shots.
  • The Russian military is taking the infrastructure of the country apart.  Not a good move from the standpoint of the civilian authorities.  Even if the civilian authorities want to teach Georgia a lesson, it doesn't do them any good to take over the country if they can't then take advantage of their resources.  But if the military is in charge, depleting the infrastructure makes good sense -- it keeps the counter attack tied down.
  • The Russian military is stealing everything that isn't tied down.  If the Russian President had any say in the matter, why would he risk a further confrontation with the US over 4 Humvees that get terrible gas mileage?  It doesn't make any sense unless the Russian military has gone rogue and is carting away everything they can get their hands on to line their own pockets.
The situation in Russia may indeed be far worse than our worst fears.  And yet we haven't heard a word of this from the mainstream media.  Who is in charge over there?



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