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Purty Guns and Supply Chain

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I was Stumbling randomly on the net tonght and came across this at a place called Collectors Firearms:

Manufactured in 1887 by serial number but shipped in 1899. Graham states that the gun is correct Sheriffs model and was not shipped until later as were other Sheriffs models.

Think about that - back in the day this gun would have cost $8, which was a months wages. And it was in the age when things were hand and machine made (thank you Eli Whitney!) - people were careful on their return on capital.

And it sat somewhere for 12 freaking years.

Sorta puts Amazon second day free shipping perspective! Supply chain has improved a bit.....


PS - It's selling for $20K, which is around 12 doubles in price in 110 years, or about one every 10 years. Using the rule of 72 you can see that the rate of return on this gun is 7.2% Year-On-Year (YOY). Nice investment.


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