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Find The Boots

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Time Wasted At Work

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Salary.com sent me an article that claims that employees waste billions at work.

I'm sure the world wide web has had an impact here, but frankly, a lot of employees are never able to escape work. Cell phones, email, SMS -- your job is able to reach out and touch you at all hours of the day. So what if employees spend a few hours each day surfing the web? The boss never seems to mind contacting you at 9:00PM for an important call.

And what's the link to boot finding? How about tacking on several hours onto a day for our new security lines? The time wasted by flying in the night before becaue it's the only way to be sure you'll make that 9:00AM meeting? The time wasted by having to purchase new toiletries in every port of call? If employers are worried about wasted time, now they've got something to notice.


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