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Slingcatcher Arrives

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Being able to watch your favorite TV programs from a hotel room in Bangalore via a slingbox back in the USA has always been nice. But you're limited to your laptop screen, or even a smartphone. Which is cool. But sometimes Battlestar Galactica just needs to be seen on a larger screen.

Enter the Slingcatcher.
The premise is simple: instead of streaming your TV across the 'net to PCs (as with the SlingBox), the SlingCatcher does the opposite by streaming your PC's videos to the TV. The SlingCatcher is expected to retail for under $200 some time in the middle of 2007; it will come with HDMI and component connectors and will feature both WiFi and Ethernet for connectivity.

Throw this in the bag, hook it to the hotel TV, and you've almost got that at home experience. I so need one.


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