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Skype for Mobile Phones

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finally, finally, finally, finally a version of Skype that is designed for WiFi or high-speed data (EVDO, etc) mobile phones.

Thank you Skype.

Not that this makes you worth several billion dollars to eBay (what *was* Meg drinking? I'll have a double!) but you're worth a lot more to me.

I already use Skype in hotel rooms (assuming nominally non-crappy wifi) to avoid horrific cell phone charges overseas or ear-rot from too-long conference calls. This will allow me to login to a wifi location in an airport overseas and make calls for pennies.

Yes, 19 quid is a lot for an all-day connection at Gatwick, but it's a 19 minute phone call away from break even. Plus, assuming you have a decent cell phone you can use your cell phone as a "modem", thereby doing a dirty double to the wifi guys.

Seems only fair to screw them after all the times they've screwed us with low bandwidth wifi and obscenely high costs.


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