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Shooting Tragedy

Monday, May 21, 2007

Reports are rolling in about the courthouse shooting in Moscow, Idaho. All we really know is that a nut (see also: Texas A&M Watchtower - the genesis of Dylan/Hendrix's "All alone in the watchtower) shot a bunch of people (killing at least one) at a courthouse from inside a church.

It's a small small town (maybe 20K without the Uni population) so things there must be really amazingly messed up right now. A few years ago a nut went down the main street of my hometown (50K folks) shooting people and it took months for things to come back to normal.

Now, our guy used an M1 Garand (of all things) which luckily jammed (how he managed to jam a battle rifle, I'll never know), but I'll betcha the guy in Idaho use a semi-automatic rifle with high capacity magazines.

At least in our shooting the press could hardly get anything wrong - they could barely comprehend a rifle coming from a war before Vietnam (there was a war before the war that proved how bad America was?) so they probably had to ask someone the details.

But I'll take odds that they get all the details on the gun wrong. They'll call it an automatic weapon. They'll call it an assault weapon. They'll talk about how easy it is to buy a gun at a gun show due to "loopholes." And they'll briefly bush Brit-brit off the airwaves.

My heart goes out to the people in ID who lost family, friend, and neighbors.


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