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Find The Boots

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I Thought Office Space Did It Better

Friday, June 15, 2007

Those crazy Germans:

Now, some things really leap to mind as I watch their videos. First, these girls are not what you think of when you think of Germans in bikini's. Or at least not what I think of. Yes, that was the famous shot of Angela Merkel changing her bikini. Hey, if the donks have their way we'll be subjected to Hilly in her, oh, god, my eyes!

Anyway, the other second to last thing that occurred to me is that these German chicks are not really that handy with a fire ax, hammer, or club. Which proves how old and married I am.

Finally, the last last thing that struck me was how much better the destruct-o-bomb sequence was in Office Space.

Enjoy it before Google finishes stripping all the copyright content from Blogger - trimming $B off the value. Because, face it, how many home videos of DNA damaged teenagers falling off their skateboards can you stand to watch?


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