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Find The Boots

Rantings from a few corporate types about life, technology, travel, guns, politics, and everything good in the world.

A New Airport?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of my daily reads, Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, is really Not Safe For Work. Really, really, really. And it's a group blog, so sometimes it's even more so. But it is often very very funny.

There's a Ph.D. thesis in there somewhere.

Anyway, a recent post on changing airport security at a new airport (SA) to allow armed citizens *anywhere* generated this comment (formatted and very slightly cleaned):
  • SA: No jobs here Americans won't do.
  • SA entrance: Stop. No really, stop, or die. We don't really care which option you choose.
  • SA welcomer: Hey, dummy, just show me the gun, not the license. I wanna see what's hot these days.
  • SA schwag bar: Bacon, ammo.
  • SA muzak: Howling deranged dogs, disturbingly close.
  • SA dog handlers: Off in Iraq, doing a job the Euros won't do.
  • SA flight attendants: What, you kidding? We have stewardesses. Sheesh.
  • SA bookstore: Kim
  • SA pop stand: Kid, I can give you a rum and coke, best I can do. But hold the coke.
  • SA exit: There may be one, unknown at this point.
It's not just me, is it?


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