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Find The Boots

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Too Easy - Like Poking Fun at Lutherans

Monday, June 04, 2007

Michelle has a great HotAir video of how exactly wacky Kucinich is.

But that's not news to the triple-digit-IQ crowd, even in the surrender wing of the Democrat party.

And poking fun at Veg-A-Denny isn't very brave- it's like poking fun at Lutherans. As Insta has noted several times, it's easy to do piss-Christ and chocolate-Jesus if you're pretty sure that all you're going to get is some thunder and denunciation from comfortable suburban pulpits.

Make a pork statue of Mohamed or copy out the books of Scientology in Fairy Dust (I'm not even sure how to insult Scientology, but you get the picture) if you're feeling brave.

God or Gaia or whatever help you if the comfortable middle-class suburbs ever do decide that they've had enough.

Terrorists are, by and large, idiots with a loose grip on the world and few real skills. On 911, after (undoubtedly) several hundred tries in the decades since 1979, they got 19 guys together who pulled something big off in the US.

Take 19 guys at random from my neighborhood, convince them that something drastic needed doing to *any* country in the world, and it would take, max, three sets of guys two years to get it done.

And we'd leave life insurance behind since we don't have Saudi scumbags to pretend to take care of our families when we're gone. But that's another topic.

See also the G8 riots. 2,000 anarchists, communists, and hippies wound 150 German cops. (Angela Merkel still has time to scold the US for carbon emissions. Get John Edwards to help you with your hair, beeaitch, and look to your own borders. Thank you, you may now invade Europe again.) How about you get 2,000 dads around a US prison convinced they're going to let the child molesters out "early" for reasons of "cruel and unusual punishment?" Ok, we wouldn't riot (we're too fat and lazy), and you might catch some of us when pervs start dropping with 30.-06 rounds in 'em, but the problem would be solved.

My main, Rosanne-Rosannadanna point was that Kucinish is just stupid enough to say what Hillary and most of the other Donks think, so it would, perhaps, be better to ignore the braying donkey at the water hole and look more closely for the assassins lurking in the surrounding groves.

Rudy, Mitt, or Fred. Looks to me like the R's will probably put someone strong up, and there is depth for VP. How about Mitt as President with Rudy taking of DHS as his main job in the White House? Hello!


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