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Beyond True

Friday, July 13, 2007

Confederate Yankee notes that Silky Pony is getting faux threats - which seems so approrpriate for a faux populist.
This is actually the third time Edwards campaign HQ has been evacuated. While the latest scare involved digital watches, the two previous threatening packages involved an inert white powder.

Chapel Hill Police have narrowed down the suspects in these three cases to the rest of the North Carolina.

If the 'threats' to Edwards were real threats then this would be very serious and not funny at all. But these are threats in the same way that Dillinger's soap gun was a threat to his guards.

I would also note that if a faux populist isn't safe in the heart of pseudo-intellectual Chapel Hill/Carrboro, he ain't safe anywhere.


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  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger Morning said…

    Apparently, the neighbors are complaining about all the fuss and inconvenience of having to evacuate their businesses whenever this happens.

    Dr. Annelise Hardin is a pediatric dentist with an office on the same floor as Edwards’ campaign headquarters. She said she has had enough of bomb scares and evacuations.

    Her office plans to draft a letter to the building's management expressing frustration about the loss of business. She is planning to get other companies in Southern Village to sign the letter.


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