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Dr. Petit Should Have Had A Gun

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, there is evil in the world. Sometimes it comes calling. This week we learned the sad news that the Mother Strangled and Daughters Died From Smoke Inhalation in the CT home invasion.

Here's what's even more sad. The sole survivor, Dr. William A. Petit Jr., was unarmed:
William A Petit Jr., may have confronted the burglars before he was badly beaten with a baseball bat, tied up and left in the basement.
A .45 ACP beats a baseball bat every time. If only he had one. I'm fairly certain that while he was being beaten with a baseball bat that he wasn't thinking "Wow, I'm glad I don't have a gun, because it only would have escalated the situation."

If you're wondering, the Brady's give CT an A- for their gun laws. It's another tragic case of death and destruction foisted onto us by the libtards. My heart goes out to him, but Dr. Petit should have taken the responsibility to arm himself so that he could protect his family.

Yes, the bad guys didn't have guns. But in a world where there are no guns, brute force and a willingness to escalate to violence quickly will dominate. Unlike in the movies, there's no practical way to protect yourself and your family against multiple assailants without the use of a firearm.

So instead of cheering a +2 to the dead goblin count, we must now mourn the loss of two innocents. The libtards who tell us that law abiding citizens don't need guns should think about this one.


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  • At 8:42 PM, Blogger Helen said…

    so now it's suddenly Dr. Petit's fault that he didn't have a gun to protect his family with? pathetic how you can start placing fault on someone else other than the 2 fucks who actually committed the crime.

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger BoonDoggie said…

    I'm not excusing the perps in any way. In fact, I wanted Dr. Petit to be able to mete out a much firmer measure of justice than they'll get now. If he had been able to defend himself this would be a very different story.

    I fault Dr. Petit for outsourcing the protection of his family to the government. He has to take responsibility for being unable to defend his family.

    Some of that fault rests with the citizens of Connecticut who decided that making it difficult to obtain a firearm and enforcing a doctrine of retreat in a home invasion was a good idea. In a civilized state, a citizen that comes across two perps with baseball bats in his basement protects his family and removes two scumbags from our midst. It's no coincidence that this story happened in a Northeastern, GFW state. Those perps knew they stood little chance of coming across anything other than sheep.

    Dr. Petit made the decision to be unarmed. He decided to be a sheep instead of a sheep dog. That's fine, but he also had a family to protect. When the wolves came calling, his, and the citizens of Connecticut, choices were disastrous for his family.

    When liberals spew their idiotic anti-gun propaganda, they put good people at risk. If you're going to disarm the good guys, then you need to start taking the blame when the good guys aren't able to defend themselves. And if you're one of the good guys, you have a responsibility to be able to defend yourself and your family. Because regardless of what the libtards tell us, there really are wolves out there.


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