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Democrats Win the War in Iraq

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Daily Blogster has a great post on Progreas being made with Maliki's deal with top Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish leaders.

My first reaction was that the Democrats couldn't have been more foolish with their talk of surrender. They've staked out a position where they needed us to lose in Iraq in order to win in the elections. Now it appears that things are going to be going well for the big September 15th deadline. As the article says:
Democrats and war opponents have been screaming for months that the fight in Iraq is not winnable solely through military force. They’ve been beating on Iraq’s leaders for not making progress on the political front. So, now the question is, what excuse will they use to pull our troops out now that there has been progress on the political front?

The Democrats have dug themselves a hole that won’t be easy to get out of. They’ve constantly fought to portray the war in Iraq as unwinnable. I think that this has had more to do with delivering a defeat to President Bush and the Republicans than any real thought that the war was actually unwinnable.
I think he's forgetting one thing: The Democrats have no shame. This is the party of flip-floppers.

It won't take very long for the Democrats to start claiming credit for the progress in Iraq. They'll claim that no progress was made until they started calling for a pull out. The Iraqi leaders were spurred into action by their threats of pulling out support. In a very short time, Hillary will be taking credit for our victory in Iraq.

And there will be plenty of Democrat voters that will be stupid enough to buy that line of bs.


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