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IP Phone on the road...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ok, so unlike 99% of the people in this world I regard Skype as a very interesting virus. (Hey, I hate Harty Potter books too) so I've been pretty slack about doing VOIP to get home.

It's not like my company cares what my cell phone bill is or anything, but my last trip to Blighty ran up a $800 cell phone bill in just a few days. And it was mostly a shite (as they say) connection.

So when I saw this VOIP/Vonage on a stick thing at gizmodo I thought: cool, something neat to buy.

Note: A friend has Vonage Adaptor and loves it. Not right for travel.

Here's a cool wifi phone from Vonage - may get one of these. I can imagine the hassle of signing into T-Mobile using a phone keypad tho. Yes, yes, I know it works with re-broadcast routers, but that's not a 100% solution, is it?

I've also tried the IP chat things for AIM, YIM, etc, etc. They seem to work well, but it's not like my kids are using chat on a computer at that hour.

I already travel with Shure EC5 and find that those plus the microphone on the computer work well. (They rock with MP3 players too.) I should probably get one of those Janet Jackson boom--mike ear thingies but I hate to travel heavy.


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  • At 2:42 PM, Blogger ExpenseJedi said…

    I'm a Vonage customer and fairly happy with the service. I just added the softphone for $9.99/month because I'm headed across the pond for most of July and wanted to be able to call home.

    The Vonage on a stick thing looks cute, but it looks like just the softphone on a USB drive. I'm not sure that you couldn't just install the software to any old USB drive and get the same effect.

    The other downside is that the softphone is another phone number to remember, and it's a separate line. You can forward your other Vonage numbers to it, but what a hassle. Why couldn't they just let me use my first Vonage number?

    My company's firewall/VPN has whatever ports are needed for this thing turned off, so to talk on the phone I have to be logged out of the VPN while on the road.

  • At 2:52 PM, Blogger ExpenseJedi said…

    BTW, the Vonage says that the Wifi phone doesn't work with wifi services that require a browser log in or a credit card. So I'm not sure when this would be useful. If you've got to go through all the hassle of setting up a rebroadcast router, you may as well just use the softphone.

    Now what I need is a bluetooth headset than I can plug into the PC and use with my softphone...


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