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Air Conditioning Revisited

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Remember the reader who wrote in about air conditioning? Scott Adams has an interesting theory on the connection between lack of air conditioning and the troubles in the Middle East.
During the several days that it was 112 degrees and I had no AC, all I wanted to do was build an IED and kill the AC guy who kept driving right past my office and helping other people. In fact, I wanted to kill everyone who didn’t agree
with me on just about any point whatsoever.
Maybe it's not democracy we should be exporting, but air conditioning!

But maybe there is a serious point here - you can just about count on airports like Newark, JFK, LAX, and Austin to be hot and crowded on a Friday afternoon. Plus half the planes are gonna be late or cancelled or full of standbys. And yet we rush to the airport in our suits and pantyhose (ok, really, one or the other), cram into the bars, and choke down the BK food. (I guess we're just lucky not to be performing that particular dance with our children in tow!)

How much would you pay for a gym where you could workout and take a shower and change into your casual clothes? Easy $50 from me to the first person who figures that out.


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  • At 4:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why doesn't the Hyatt at DFW sell a $50 gym pass?


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