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Euro Service

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here at Find-The-Boots we travel a lot to foreign countries. You know, Singapore, India, Europe, Canada, New Mexico, stuff like that.

Last month we had to go to Lithuania for a conference on something we can't remember too well because of the local booze being, apparently, what Mutual of Omaha uses to stun and transport rhinos. (You will remember that we have a passing family resemblance due to expense account dinners....)

Anyway, what the heck is up with the service industry in the former Soviet Bloc? The hotel was nice enough, if you like Saddem-esque excesses in marble, and it was certainly very clean. But the staff was, to say the least, krep.

First I had to argue with the staff to get the room I reserved (non smoking king - how hard is that?) How is that strange, you ask? Well, it was my freaking conference and I was bringing 25 people from around the world to the hotel.

In the US they would have met me with the manager. In Hyderabad they'd have met me with the entire staff (wearing flowers if it was Friday). In Singapore there would have been booze and cigars in my room.

So in the end I had to upgrade to a suite in order to get a non-smoking room with a bed where my feet didn't hang over the end.

Yes, silly people, of course I expensed the upgrade, even though a suite is against policy. Think of the money I saved the company on health care due to sinus infection and the cost of a black market Z-pack!


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