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Eastern Block Booze

Friday, July 21, 2006

Reader Churchil writes:

I am in part of the former Soviet Union - it's very cosmopolitan, the ladies are lovely, and if I felt less hungover, I would try to spell Checkoslovokia.

Last night, at a very very nice eatery I ordered a Johnny Walker Black (even I would not try to expense the Blue) and got what tasted like cheap Canadian whiskey. Possibly something that was supposed to taste like Seagrams.

So the next glass I ordered was Crown Royale. What came was completely different and much rawer. "Well" whiskey for mixed drinks in a college town raw.

I can only presume that they have brands of fake whiskey.

The next glass of "Crown" was even worse - a completely different rotgut from the previous one. More like a cheap brand of flavored vodka, really. Fanta maybe.

Then it stabilized and I got the same thing for a few more drinks.

Today I am dying, and I will never buy booze in the former-USSR again.

Bummer. Stick to the beer, I guess.


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