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Find The Boots

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GG on "Retreats"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ok, so not digital and this may be exposing my love of good clothes, but in this month's GQ (pages 95/96) there is a great article on the difference between boondoggles and retreats.

I'd recently accepted a new job, and my prospective boss called to tell me that his division was being rewarded with a five-day all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas. This adventure was scheduled to happen a few weeks before my official start date, but he invited me along anyway, thinking it might be a swell way for me to bond with the crew. Now, the thought of meeting my future colleagues unser such circumstances - shirtless, sunburned, and hungover - wasn't exactly appealing. but I like palm trees and string bikinis [ed - or speedo's for our female readers, natch] as much as teh next guy [ed - gal], so might have scammed the free vacation if the guy hadn't gon on to explain that this even was not a good old corrporate boondoggel but an elaborate planned "retreat."

Ok, well, that is beautiful in its own way.

Boongoggle=good, retreat=bad.

When you come home from a retreat you have a binder. When you come home from a boondoggle you have a logo'd golf cap, balls, a sunburn, and a hangover. Or silk shorts, whatever.


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