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Find The Boots

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Nasty Blankets and Pillows

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Reader Ruby writes:
I recently flew from Chicago to Delhi on American in Business class. While the service was a poor as I expected, the plane was even filthier than I can imagine. But the pillows and blankets were absolutely disgusting.

Do they clean those things?

I was worred about lice, if you can imagine.
Yes, Ruby, we can. I recenly bought a, wait for it, silk travel pillow, that I keep in a stuff sack in my carry on bag.

Well, actually, my wife bought it for me, but I had to send her the link and assure her that I'd be able to expense it before she'd make the buy.

It's not like I want that catalog coming with my name on it!

Anyway, I do use the blankets, but I figure my clothes are touching the seats, and we all know what people drop and expel into those!


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