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Find The Boots

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Be Careful with Them Boots

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This story comes from "Mr. D" and makes you think about how creative you're getting when charging lunch to the company...

I took a staff member out to an extremely expensive Brazillian steak place style lunch the other day as a reward for the hours he'd been putting in. The company is fine with picking up a lunch tab once in a while, but we managed to run up a tab that would have been more appropriate for four fat people than two normal sized pudgy middle aged guys. Plus the wine.

I IM'd the employee and asked for "names of people that had lunch with us." He responded with "Mr. L is someone I know that is an expert in Machine Insertion layout [Ed: what the h*ll is that?], use him."

Turned in the expense report and my VP gives me a call to ask "How do you know Mr. L?" Turns out, my VP, who is on the other side of the country, met Mr. L on a bike ride through France 10 years ago and became friends...

Freaking atheletes, don't trust or work for them. Stick with the gluttons and boozers - they have things to hide too. Plus they know good places to eat.

The good news is that the expense report got paid and we all learned a lesson from Mr. D's mistake.


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