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Find The Boots

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$40M Expense Report

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Before debating the payment of $2.3 billion the private lawyers are demanding out of the Texas tobacco settlement, we should first require them to document their $40 million in expenses.
You think so? Oh, golly, I've been laughing at that for fifteen minutes.

You gotta believe that these guys were padding like monsters:

including a $952 business lunch, $725 for a Texas State Bar exam and $3,100 for a charter aircraft.

But you'd be wrong:

Fifteen Florida firms incurred expenses of $12 million for litigation that lasted a year longer than the Texas case.
Pikers. Losers. Can't get the bootsers. (Ok, that was a stretch.) The FL guys, not the guys in TX who apparently know how to get this stuff done.

My prediction: they'll get every last dime.


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