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Find The Boots

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My Favorite Meal [Airline Category]

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ok, not my favorite, but way up there...

A bacon roll with brown sauce and a glass of Johnny Walker Blue. For free, in a British Airways First Class lounge or as a snack in BA First Class.

BA First Lounges (and First Class service) have the best booze list in the air as far as I'm concerned. Where else can you get a complimentary bottle of JWB?

I noticed a bottle was almost empty at a BA lounge this weekend and informed the attendant. No problem sir, we'll get another one. When I asked how many of these they go through in a day, the answer was "5 or 6." They're going through $1,200/day in Scotch! Take that, American Airlines, you penny-pinching losers!

BA understands that premium flyers that spend a ton of money with them should be treated well. If my company is spending $5K to send me across the pond in a business class seat, the least the airline can do is offer me more than cheap champaign, orange juice, or water before takeoff.


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