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Pilot Locked out of Cockpit

Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Air Canada Jazz pilot that left the cockpit to use the loo found himself locked out when he tried to return. Here's the key quote from the story:
The first officer had remained on the flight deck, but was unable to open the jammed door, forcing the crew to remove it from its hinges with only 30 minutes remaining in the flight from Ottawa to Winnipeg...
Hmm. I thought those doors were supposed to be impenetrable when they're locked. And once the hinges were off, I guess the cockpit wasn't very secure, eh?

As far as I'm concerned this is why pilots should be REQUIRED to carry weapons. Guns by my preference, but if someone wanted to have a Roman Short Sword, that would be fine too, I guess.

If the terrorists were able to release something that incapacitated the passengers, they'd certainly have time to get the door open before the pilot could land. And while I'd hope my pilot would make the decision to dive the plane into a bacon factory (think about it), I'd much prefer he put a half dozen rounds of fragmenting .44 mag through the door while the bad guys were working on the hinges.


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