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Screening Faces

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The New York Times ran an article last week about a new program at the TSA to watch for suspicious behavior. The TSA is now looking for people exhibiting certain non-verbals, such as fidgeting or sweating while they wait in the security line.

Mr. S wrote in and told us this story:
A few weeks ago (before the current restrictions), I was travelling out of LGW. London has had some incredibly hot days lately, and by the time I had schlepped my giant suitcase from the hotel to a cab, and then through the labrynth of trains and tunnels, I was sweating profusely. No, not just a little. I looked like a marathon runner, except not in shape. I grabbed a fresh change of clothes out of my suitcase before checking it, with the idea that I would head straight for the club and get a shower before getting on the plane.

I got pulled out of the security line for a pat down. The poor security guy patted me down very carefully, and he didn't have gloves. His hands were wet when he was done I was sweating so much.
Hmm. If they're going to start pulling people out of line for fidgeting or sweating, I'm going to need to start getting to the airport even earlier. At least for the summer.


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