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Find The Boots

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Kim, Thanks!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stolen in its whole bloggy goodness from Kim DuToit.

Having just been subjected to the tender mercies of the TSA at a couple of airports, allow me to make a modest suggestion.

If we catch a terrorist before he manages to board a plane, his punishment should be to be strapped upright to an X-shaped frame which forces his legs apart. Then, every time an airline passenger is subjected to a “close” search (ie. near-strip search), an electronic pulse is sent from the airport to the prison, and thence to a machine which delivers a precise blow to the terrorist’s genitals.


Unusual?—I prefer to call it “inventive”.


We could test the system on would-be Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, triggered each time somone has to take off his shoes at an airport checkpoint.

He wouldn't mind if you laughed. Wistfully.


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