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Bluetooth Headphones V10

Monday, September 18, 2006

Or whatever number of times we've looked at this particular subject. What I really want is Bose Quiet Comfort IV that support bluetooth.

But these Motoroloa S805 headphones have a few advantages: expensible as heck at only $130, stereo and sounding good, and, most importantly, lay-flat design so you can pack them easily.

And at 17 hours it's cool for a day or two trip - especially if we can't yet tell if Moto was smart enough to make them USB chargable. Because who needs another charger on a trip? Not me!

Bump and update. We talked earlier about the HT820 and someone asked why these look better. Several things: the design is stodgier. Let's face it, I ain's spinning house music, you know?

Also, the battery life on the HT820 is only a few hours. Pfft.


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