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More Phone Coolness

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The much beloved phone is showing its age - thus all the posts on phones lately. But nothing is lovely enough to require a one or two year contract for a fleeing love, or affair. (Phones, I said, phones!)

The Nokia E62 will be available on Cingular. Probably positioned as a Q Killer. The problem is that it's neither Palm nor Windows, so nothing will work on it. But other than that....

Don't get me wrong, tri-band GSM, etc, etc is all very nice, but I'm not willing to fight the IT guys to get my darn mail to work.

There is also the T-Mobile MDA for, well, minus $20 after rebates at Amazon. This is more like it - WiFi, EDGE plus the normal tri-band stuff. I like the idea of Skyping on this in my hotel room using the hotel wifi connection. I understand this phone has the normal probems around QWERTY keyboards and dialing. But frankly I call the same 10 people all the time and everyone else is in my 1,400+ phone entries.

I am sorely tempted.

Finally, there is the dark horse, I-Mate SPL. It's a simpler phone, which has the advantage of breaking fewer things, and it's a wonderful ripoff of Moto, which is always fun to see. But the real problem is that it'll be on Cingular "some day" and the other two are available now.


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