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Mileage Runs (MR)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I don't get it.

I've made one mileage run in my life. Back in 1998 I was 2,500 miles away from whatever Delta's highest level was back then, so I took a trip to the west coast that I could have done by phone to put myself over the top. The company was paying for it, so I was really just out the time and hassle, which back then wasn't so much as it is today. It was worth a day of my time to get the extra special treatment of the highest level in the program.

But there are people out there doing wacky mileage runs, paying for cheap coach tickets and burning upgrades to business class just to be in the top tier of their frequent flyer program. I'm not talking just being a few thousand miles short, but racking up 30K miles on 10+ segments using $1600 of their own money over a 5 day period just to be at the highest elite level.

Why earn the upgrades if you're going to burn them to earn more upgrades?

Do you really like airline and airport food so much that you want to live on it for a week?

Is it possible to spend 5 days in the air without catching a sinus infection?

As I've revealed before, I made Executive Platinum on American Airlines in July with plenty of miles to spare for the last two years. My company paid for all of it. Frankly, if I could miss EXP by 30K miles, I'd consider that an accomplishment!


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