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Find The Boots

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Post Landing Woes

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reader FMJ writes in:
When I get off a flight longer than a few hours I have horrible gas. Is it just me? It drives my wife crazy.

Uh, dude, way too much information. But it would certainly explain why everyone is so greasy and stinky after the Delhi<->Chicago flight.

My big thing is that my sinuses get both dry and drainy (don't know how that it possible, but it is) plus I'm off-time zone *and* I've usually had a few drinks. So I don't sleep well the first few nights I'm home. And apparently I *really* snore because of it.

My wife is threatening to buy me this "anti-snoring" watch ($50) so that I'll bother myself more than I bother her. I don't see the value in this, but she assures me I'll live longer.

It doesn't feel like something I could expense tho.


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