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Water On The Plane

Sunday, September 03, 2006

From Reader TF:

See, part of the problem is this new church so many worship at: The Church of Holy Hydration. Honsest to goodness, you can really go for *hours* without water. Even if you're hot. Even if you're uncomfortable. It's not like you're doing hard physical labor - the seats are just uncomfortable.

Amazingly enough, this includes children, pregnant women, old people, and the hung over.

If you look at pictures of people in a crowd 20 years ago you'll notice something (they're very likely dirty commie hippies who grew up into journos, but beyond that) - there are no water bottles clutched in their hands!

If you look at pictures of people 40 years ago you'll notice something: they're wearing suits and hats and there are no water bottles in sight either.

Amen, brother. People like to *talk* about saving the environment - how about drinking from the flipping water fountain? Can you imagine the economic cost of transporting a bottle of "pure" water from France to Indy? And the trash it produces?

On a side note, my grandfather grew up on a farm, and I remember him telling me how good the well water would taste at lunch because he'd been dreaming of it since breakfast. If a farmer in LA could work all summer morning without a drink, we can all make it through takeoff, dontcha think?


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  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Mary Jo said…

    What a refreshing (no pun intended) look at the situation.

    Between the boarding process, take off, and getting up to an altitude where it's safe to take beverage carts out, we're talking maybe an hour. Hour and a half tops.

    So hydrate before you get on the plane, and we really will be with you just as soon as it's safe!

  • At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You said it!

    If I could only fix one thing about flying, it wouldn't be water!



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