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Smuggling Water

Monday, September 11, 2006

There seem to be a number of frequent flyers that are so angry at the liquids ban that they've started smuggling water aboard aircraft. If caught by the flight attendant, they're convinced that everyone is "overreacting".

Here's a few items for them to consider:

1) You knew before you left for the airport what the rules were. If you don't like the rules, then vote with your feet and don't fly. That's the only thing that's going to get anyone's attention. You'll still be wrong, but at least you won't be bothering the rest of us that can read signs.

2) Don't take it out on the flight attendants. They don't make the rules, and they could lose their job if they don't enforce them. They want to take away your water less than you want to give it to them. You're not making a point to them, you're just being a PITA.

3) The others of us on the airplane aren't impressed with your ability to smuggle. We especially don't appreciate missing our connections because our flight was diverted or we had to go through reverse screening on the other end because of your childish rebellion.

It really is possible to survive an entire hour without water. If you've got a medical condition that prevents that, then just get a prescription for water.


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  • At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Mary Jo said…

    Knowingly, and furtively, bringing onboard a prohibitive item (contraband) is smuggling, and may very well be a criminal offense.

    I know, I know, it's just water. But it's prohibited, and therefore contraband. I will take it away from you. And, depending on the circumstances, your identity will be forwarded to the FAA for further action.

    I don't like it anymore that you do, but we all have to live with it for now.


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