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Some People CAN Mouth Off to the TSA

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

While FlyerTalkers seem to be getting arrested at an alarming rate for loosing their cool with the TSA officers, a family member of mine proved that you can dress down the guy with the wand and get away with it.

He's a mid-to-high ranking officer in the US military. Last week he was on his way via commercial air to Kuwait, after which he'd catch a military transport into the sandbox. It seems he was running a bit late for his flight and as he passed through the metal detector was asked to step aside.

"Are you kidding me! What the F is going on? Why are you searching me? I've got a plane to catch!" He gave the TSA guy a dressing down like only a grizzled old combat vet can give. The TSA supervisor was brought over. "Is there a problem here?" "You bet there's a #$a%^ problem, I'm late for my flight and this #$#*&^$ wants to search me."

The supervisor, who acted as if he was ex-military, looked at his boarding pass and said "I'm very sorry Sir, they made a mistake when they issued your boarding pass. If you see this code, just tell them it doesn't apply to active duty, uniformed military traveling with military id. Here, let me help you get your bags."

And on he went to the plane. I'm guessing the TSA guys were glad he didn't make them do pushups.

Now while I generally think it's a bad idea to confront authority on their own turf, I guess there are some things you can get away with if you have the right amount of fruit salad on your chest.


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