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USB Charging

Thursday, March 01, 2007

There is no doubt it is a great boon to be able to charge cellphones and what-not with their USB ports. I think I have about half as many chargers as I used to - and I have twice as many devices.

If I could do math that would probably make a mighty impressive number!

Here is a neat gizmo that allows you to charge USB devices with a battery. Cheap, and probably cheaply made at $7.99. And invisible if you got an expense report.

Why would you want this? Plug your phone into it at the beginning of the flight and it's charged at the end - and you don't have a power cable nest around your seat during the flight.

Also, and this is just a big maybe, you could smuggle an extra four batteries into India with it too. :-)


Bump and update - I got a very similar gadget and love it. It sits around in my roll-aboard side pocket and when I need it, I need it! I recently charged my phone and my MP3 player on the plane - all in the overhead compartment. Nice.


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