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Find The Boots

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Bad Mothers Day, BAD

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good thing they don't have guns:
Teen Carrying Mother's Severed Head Turns Self In at Japanese Police Station

TOKYO — A teenage boy carrying a severed head walked into a Japanese police station Tuesday saying he killed his mother, the latest in a series of grisly dismemberments that have horrified a nation renowned for its low crime rates.
Two things for the criminally and statistically challenged:
  1. If you put criminals in prison, then crime should (and does go down).
  2. If you have "grisly dismemberments" then you don't have low crime rate. (Probably :-0) I would also remind everyone that the Mayor of Tokyo was shot earlier this month. Probably by an existential gun.
The rest of the article is just as fascinating:

The 17-year-old suspect led officers to his house in northern Fukushima prefecture (state) and pointed out his headless mother on her futon mattress, with a frank, "It's in here," Kyodo News reported.

He told police he beheaded his mother on the eve of her 47th birthday while she slept, and added, "It didn't matter who I killed," Kyodo reported. Police confirmed the arrest.

Japan has long prided itself on safe streets and low incidents of violent crime. But the latest killing triggered soul searching about what some worry is a disturbing new trend — particularly with its mix of youthful aggression and icy remorselessness.

"If true, it's horrifying," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said.

Last year, a jobless man allegedly cut up his mother and entombed her body parts in concrete-filled buckets left abandoned in a yard.

In January, Tokyo was on put edge on when a woman confessed to dismembering her husband with a saw and dumping the parts around the capital.

Uh, yeah. More sushi please!


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