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Oohh, I LIKE This

Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the spirit of Swift's Modest Proposal (wherin he suggested that Ireland eat their babies to prevent current and future famine), comes:
For every illegal alien that crosses in the United States we release one violent felony offender from prison with the understanding that he (or she) cross into and remain in Mexico. In order to prepare them for the journey instead of providing the inmate with a map, like the Mexican government did with their immigrants, we can give them a handgun, a box of ammo, 2 hits of the drug of their choice and a Spanish language phrase book, along with a ride to (and shove across if necessary) the border. When we run out of violent offenders we can start with non-violent offenders. When they are gone we can start with the inmates at Guantanamo Bay after being sure to inform them that the residents of Mexico are descended from the people who threw their ancestors out of Andalusia.
Wonder if the solons (which is Latin for "idiot") in DC have figured out, in the aftermath of 911 and Fort Dix, that illegal aliens are a problem for the US? I'm sure the LAPD, if they haven't fired every officer doing his job in keeping the public peace, could tell them about gangs of illegals (MAS-13 anyone?) terrorizing the area.

Damn fools. I could get the border sealed in a quarter and could, legally, get rid of the illegals here breaking the law in <1 year.

It would be easy to seal the border:

Put up a fence on every piece of private and public property. Figure the cost is $10/foot. Pay the private owners $20/foot for fence installed at any time. Reimburse local counties for the payment at $25/foot. I know farmers and rural counties - they are always cash short. Sure, there will be fraud, but less than you think.

Pay a defense contractor to put WiMax all along the border - there are already cell towers. Pay them 200% to get 'er done. This will help rural people telecommute for better jobs, anyway.

Pay another contractor to build solar powered WiMax networked IR and RFID (you'll see) sensors to put on every fence post. Duh.

Let the counties form rapid-response teams from un/under employed residents. When a sensor goes off respond.

It doesn't have to be 100%, just enough to get the entry rate low enough so that enforcement can deport 'em faster than they can come in.

Enforcement is easy too.

Every single person arrested for a felony has to prove citizenship. If they fail they get an RFID chip in their sweet cheek, if you follow me. We deport shiploads of these guys to a port way way down country in Mexico and offload 'em there. The transport system is bad enough that, worst case, they'll spend a month getting back up country, to face the border fence with RFID sensors.

Yes, yes, I know they can get the sensors out, but the point is to make it HARDER.

I'd also favor shooting at RFID chips coming back over the border as you know they're illegal AND a likely felon, but that's an easy thing to say at a distance. Some CNN producer would likely get shot whilst filming a sympathetic documentary.


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