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It Couldn't Have Happend To A Better Guy

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am NOT glad that Michael DeBose was threatened by a man with a gun recently.
It was late, but DeBose, 51, was restless. The ordained Baptist minister knew his Lee-Harvard neighborhood was changing, but he wasn't scared. The idle, young men who sometimes hang out on his and adjacent streets didn't threaten him.
You kind of already know that this is going to end badly.
He is a big man and, besides, he had run the same streets before he found Jesus - and a wife. That night, he just needed a walk.
Yep. Badly.

The loud muffler on a car that slowly passed as he was finishing the walk caught his attention, though. When the car stopped directly in front of his house - three houses from where he stood - he knew there was going to be a problem.

"There was a tall one and a short one," DeBose said, sipping on a McDonald's milkshake and recounting the experience Friday.

You already know the guy's a Democrat. The "tall one" and "short one" weren't drinks from Starbucks. They were black street thugs driving thug cars and selling drugs. And he was living in a state of denial about his neighborhood.

You can read the whole story, but basically they pulled a gun on the guy and chased him down the street. Very scary and he ran like a gazelle and screamed like a little girl - undoubtedly exactly what he was supposed to be doing. And exactly what I'd be doing in similar circumstances.

The loud muffler sped off, and DeBose started rethinking his gun vote.

DeBose twice voted against a measure to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons. It became law in 2004.

Oh, yes, the gods were smiling on us that scary night night.

Why? Because while Pelosi could get the only gun permit in SFO and most of the GFW in the Legislature either live in no-crime gated neighborhoods or, like Silky Pony, have 'protective details,' this is a guy who can stand up and make a difference. Now.

Michael, if you're reading this: I am glad you're safe, and I'm sorry about your neighborhood.

Two pieces of advice:
  1. Put the bad guys in jail, no matter what color they are.
  2. Buy a real gun - you'll know it's real if the bullet caliber starts with "4". Here.
    1. Carry it every day, even to work. The cops in the state house aren't going to be able to protect you any better than three doors from your house.
  3. Start reading Kim daily to keep your head right and not backslide towards disarmament.
Send him an email (district12@ohr.state.oh.us) , tell him to keep fighting the good fight.


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