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Jericho Weapons

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wow, that was quick.

Ok, Reader X wrote me talking about Kim's excellent series on what gun do you take to cross the US in 1600.

Which is good for thinking about....

I think, assuming you can hold onto your guns when the cops show up to take it away, ....

Wait, you don't think that will happen? You're the chief of police - you have trained guys, guns, and probably a secure facility. What would *you* do if you thought L&O was going to break down pretty quickly? Right.

Ok, so you hold onto your guns. They're protection but they're also barter. You can trade guns, parts, ammo, loading equipment, primers, etc. You want hunting guns (.22, 30-06, .303, 7.26x49, 12ga) that share ammo with protection long guns and, where possible, with protection pistols (.45). You might want to stock up on stuff you don't shoot with (9mm) and with stuff that is just on super-sale that someone might really really really need (.223, 7mm, 8mm, .300 win mag, etc). Someone only has one gun and no ammo, he will pay anything.

You will also want to make sure you have some guns that the gun grabbers can take and some they can't find. That means you have to cache one or more guns and ammo.

Don't forget scopes. Not fancy light reticule or red-dot - remember you're post EMP and batteries aren't being made anymore. You can occasionally pick up cheap BSA scopes and ring sets for <$10 at Wally World or K-Mart. What would someone with a .22 and no scope pay for that if they were hunting for the dinner stew?

In a perfect world all your rifles and pistols would match so you could swap parts. I dunno about you, but I have a random collection of stuff, so that's pretty much out. I do know my fancy Beretta gas skeet gun and my BAR 30-06 are what's getting offered up to the grabbers and the trade-mart first. The Mossy, the FN, the AK - they all stay. In-dee-structable.

I've started, whenever possible, buying my ammo in so-called "battle tins". It's generally no more expensive, and the d*mn things are indestructible. Perfect to grease up with vaseline, put in a plastic 4mm garbage bag, and buy in the back yard. Voila, 1080 rounds in ten years, no worries mate.

So, initial thoughts on weapons:
1> Prepare for sacrifices during the confiscation phase;
2> Hide some stuff out back in the dirt;
3> Think about stockpiling stuff for swap;
4> Consider your cartridges.

More later, I'm sure.



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