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Find The Boots

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John Wayne's Birthday

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I think we all have some memories of watching The Million Dollar Movie on a rainy day when we were kids - and John Wayne was always there. 150+ films - how could he not be.

One of my very favorite daily visit Not Really Safe For Work (NRSFW) blogs, SondraK, has a great list of 100 reasons why John Wayne is Great. Read 'em all, obviously, but here is the one that really struck me:
I have faith in a supreme being. I don’t believe in organized religion because there are too many of them and I just don’t think God could be so disorganized as to have all that many churches claiming his authority.
Ok, one more:
I stopped getting the girl about 10 years ago. Which is just as well, because I’d forgotten what I wanted her for.
My favorite, which she ain't got, is, when someone asked him about his toupee, "Is that your real hair?" he said:
It's real hair, just not my real hair.
Love it. Imagine a star today.....


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