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Monday, May 07, 2007

From today's CNN newsfeed....

Palestinian militants attack school festival

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Palestinian militants on Sunday attacked a United Nations school festival in southern Gaza, killing the bodyguard of a Fatah lawmaker, according to Palestinian security and medical sources.Six others were wounded in the incident at the al-Umariya School in Rafah, near the Gaza-Egypt border, the sources said.

Give you a hint, CNN-dudes, if kids are hurt in a shootout between security an "other group" then you can reasonably call the "other group" a bunch of terrorists.

If the Israeli's had been in hot pursuit of an "other group" then this would have generated a UN resolution condemning the Jooooose. Good thing this "other group" is only operating on stolen EU funds, I guess, instead of the blood money proceeds of World Zionism.

Sheesh, how hard is this?


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