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McCain and Shamnesty Bill

Friday, June 15, 2007

I just got an email from the McCain for President campaign.

He's *proud* to support the Shamnesty bill:
"It's a national security issue, as I keep trying to say. We can't - the status quo is de facto amnesty. They're all opposed to amnesty. Well, if you do nothing, then we have silent amnesty, if you don't do something about the 12 million people because they're just going to stay here and remain doing whatever they're doing, which unfortunately, we don't know in the case of a lot of them."
Hey, stupid, let me make this simple for you: build a fence, enforce laws against employing aliens, and deport them when you catch them. Problem solved in six freaking months.

Here is the link to make a comment - http://www.johnmccain.com/Contact/

Here is what I told him:
I will not contribute a dime to any candidate who supports the shamnesty bill.

I will not vote for any candidate who supports the shamnesty bill.

I will not provide support to the republican party if they nominate a candidate who supports the shamnesty bill.

I would rather see Hilary Clinton president than any Republican who supports the shamnesty bill.

There are two issues which are non-negotiable for me: Iraq (we win, they lose) and Immigration.

Support the troops not the jihadis and we will win.

Build a fence, eject illegals, fine businesses for hiring illegals, and make it easy for people to enter (not stay!) the country legally.

Not one dime, not one vote for people on the wrong side of Iraq and Border Security.

While the idea of Hilary as president disgusts me, I'd rather not be ashamed of the Republicans as well. I am *horrified* at this illegal immigrants rewards program bill.

I'll be picking up a bunch of congress-critter and senator direct-to-comment links and bumping this back up to the top of FTB.


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