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Videotaping the Cops

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Radley Balko has a great opinion piece on Videotaping the Police. Can't say that I disagree with anything he says.

I'd like to know when the police turned.

It used to be that conservatives were for law and order and generally pro law enforcement, and liberals thought they were the enemy. But nowadays the liberals tend to line up with the police, and conservatives fear them. How did this happen?

Look at the Duke Lacrosse Hoax. In the early days, it was mainly conservative commentators that didn't believe the story the DA and the cops were promoting. The liberal media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Somewhere along the line many cops ended up on the wrong side of the gun control issue. It used to be that cops liked law abiding citizens that could help them out. Now they fear them, and thus we fear them back. There was a study done in NC comparing crime rates of LEOs and CCH holders. The LEOs committed 5x more serious crimes than the CCH holders. Perhaps we should focus on disarming them instead of the law abiding citizens.

Somehow, a number of cops decided that the need for a warrant no longer applied in order to enter private property. A no knock raid to serve an arrest warrant? How about a megaphone from the street telling them to come out after you've surrounded the place? Police departments call SWAT at the drop of a hat. SWAT teams look more like they should be in Iraq than in an American city, except that they don't shoot very well --unless it's an elderly person they've mistakenly burst in upon.

It's the cops that pushed for policies that prevent them from turning in illegal aliens. More liberal agenda.

I worked in the law enforcement industry for several years. I met several fine people, but I can also tell you that once you get a few beers in them most will admit to planting evidence or not have a problem with it if they "know" the perp was guilty.

I'd like the cops to go back to the people we trust and respect, instead of tools of the liberal establishment.


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