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Why I don't Have an iPhone

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

David Kirk has this tale of terror from buying an iPhone.:
After being on hold listening to a painful piano music loop for 52:01, the music suddenly stops and I hear the phone going through.

A boy’s voice came on the phone and said “Hello?” In the background, I can hear the voices of many support staff chatting in the distance.

Surprised to be speaking with an obvious child, I said, “Hi, there.”

He said, “Oh” like somebody who did something they should not have.

Click. Dial-tone.
Yes, I quoted a lot of his article, but go read the link and enjoy the comments too.

Yes, the iPhone looks nifty. And it's small. But I'm still wondering why I should replace my Motorola Q that can do everything the iPhone does. Perhaps it's not as flashy, but it's a lot less expensive. And it plays Slingbox videos. If it supported Sim and CDMA at the same time and also had wifi it would be perfect. How about a cell phone where I can install multiple Sim cards and chose from a menu when I boot up?

I was at a meeting the other day when the subject of cell phones came up. Our cell phone gurus at MegaCorp have decided that the iPhone won't be an approved device. So to get one, I'll either need another job or an excellent exercise in boot hiding. I wonder how many of these iPhones are being snapped up by college students and independent tech geeks? And is the market large enough for Apple not to get big Corporate America behind their product?


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