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Find The Boots

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Al Qaeda Summer Surprise

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh joy, there's a report circulating that Al Qaeda is planning a spectacular attack for the summer. Chertoff, of course, tells us not to worry.

The same Chertoff who told us border security wasn't all that important.

But I still doubt it. Al Qaeda doesn't get it. They're trying for something spectacular, when in fact they'd have much more of an effect with lots of small, effective attacks. I'm not talking about the idiots that crashed an SUV into the airport in Scotland and only managed to burn themselves, or perhaps the same idiots that couldn't even get a car load of gasoline and propane to ignite. But instead of trying to get a nuke into an American city -- a very difficult undertaking -- they instead started using materials that can be purchased at your local Walmart, we'd be in trouble.

The attacks in the UK show that our strategy is working. We've killed so many of them, and pinned down so many more in Iraq, that the ones they have left to send can't even get propane to catch fire.


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