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Pivital Decisions

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I stumbled across this site by accident, but he's got a great list of small decisions that were made in computing that had huge impacts. Go read the article, but here's a taste:
1. LF rather than CRLF in MSDOS text files (decades of “is this a text file or a binary file?”)

2. ‘-’ rather than ‘/’ as standard MSDOS command option switch (so we can use ‘/’ in path names)
and the best
10. [late 70s] “You know, maybe SMTP needs some security, I think junk mail might be a problem someday. Let’s add some authentication.”
This reminds me of an early Comdex. I think it was 1988. Bill Gates was giving the keynote speech and asked the rhetorical question "What innovation will Microsoft be best known for?"

Somebody at the back yelled out "The 640K barrier!"


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