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Find The Boots

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How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is certainly a subject near and dear to the hearts of your faithful bloggers. Say Uncle tells us of an article over at The Naked Scientists Kitchen Science Experiments that asks this question. The experiment is done with a small ball bearing at 1,640 fps (500 m/s) and easily penetrates 14 inches of gelatin, which we're told has the same properties as fat.

They don't discuss the channeling you can clearly see in the gelatin as the shock waves expand outwards from the path of the projectile, proving again that even a poodle shooter caliber, with sufficient velocity, can ruin your day. The demonstration would have been more interesting with enhanced projectiles, such as a hydra-shock.

I saw a great tagline a few days ago: "If you shoot me with .25 ACP and I find out about it, I will personally kick your butt." That's a funny sentiment, but frankly even with my layers of natural armor, I wouldn't want to get shot with anything.


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