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Fundrasing With Fred

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I signed up with I'm with Fred. If you tell them you're a blogger, they give you the chance to put up a badge:

I'mWithFred - Contribute Now

That's a very interesting method of fund raising. Fred is trying to leverage his considerable support in the blogosphere into funds for his campaign. He also asks what "groups" you want to be in, presumably to tailor his message according to your hot buttons.

Yeah, yeah, Howard Dean did the same thing. The difference is that Fred's proponents aren't all starving college kids and have disposable income to donate.

Imagine if Hillary did the same thing. You'd be able to get completely conflicting statements just by how you self identified.

TierFlyer thinks the winner of the Republican nomination is going to by Mitt Romney. If you go by "the tall guy with lots of hair wins" then maybe he's got a point, but I think Fred will be the steamroller. He's not fighting the same battle the other candidates are fighting. This is a thoughtful internet campaign, not a bus tour.

UPDATE: I just clicked the link to see what the fund raising page looked like. It looks fairly easy to make a donation, except for a glaring error. NO PAYPAL! Come on Fred, get with it.

On the other hand, he does have Digg, Technorati, and Facebook tags for the blog articles. I wonder if I'll get emails encouraging me to digg the articles? I was only the 2nd digg on the top article of the blog, so the friends of Fred haven't yet figured out what the Jericho fans caught onto almost right away. Getting a good position on the social network sites is a quick means to free publicity.


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