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Staying Home

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm one of the conservatives completely disgusted with the GOP (and the donks, but I don't expect much from them) on Shamnesty.

And I'm not going to stay home and not vote.&nbsp; I might be voting AGAINST the D's and not FOR the R's but I'll vote.&nbsp; I always vote.&nbsp; I have missed one local election (out of the country, forgot to mail my absentee ballot) in 20+ years of voting.

What I won't do is give them any money.&nbsp; Nothing at the national level.&nbsp; And I won't give a local candidate any dough until I find out their voting record.

The only time I think I'd get vapor lock would be a Obama/McCain or Clinton/McCain ticket.&nbsp; I don't like or trust McCain (nor the others) but if we had Clinton or Obama in office then the national grievance industry (NOW, $harpton, etc) would have to shut the heck up for the next hundred years, so 4 years of Carter-redux might be worth it.

We're a big, rich, strong, proud country - no one (or dozen) bad decisions is gonna break us.&nbsp; And if the bad decisions (closing Gitmo, allowing illegals into the country, etc) cause a disaster, well, then, we can recover.&nbsp; Life is long, our country has a long and bright future - some setbacks, while deplorable, are inevitable.

So, while being Dutoitian mad, I remain hopeful overall.


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  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger Soleille said…

    I think it is particularly ironic that the GOOGLE ad attached to this post was for donations for McCain. I am constantly amused by the Boot Brush (brand not specified) under the title of the blog, but this almost made me clean coffee off my monitor!

  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger TierFlyer said…

    Funny indeed!

    Do you ever click on ads on blogs? I never do, have been training myself not to see them.

    Bad of me, I know. Must support the Google zombies....



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